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Man assaulted by Amritpal’s men to move High Court against ‘Waris Punjab De’ after cops free culprit

Amritpal Singh heads pro-Khalistan “Waris Punjab de” outfit

Chandigarh: Dismayed at the release of one of his tormentors by the police yesterday, Varinder Singh, the complainant against the ‘Waris Punjab De’ president Amritpal Singh and his men, will soon move the Punjab and Haryana High Court to seek a fresh inquiry by some independent agency.

Speaking to indianarrative.com from an undisclosed location, Varinder Singh said that excesses committed by Amritpal’s ‘jatha’ need to be exposed in the interest of ‘Sikh Panth.’ There are men around the president who have insulted the Guru Granth Sahib by retracting from betrothal vows made with a girl in the presence of the holy book at a Gurdwara, he said.

Varinder Singh said that he was initially impressed by Amritpal Singh’s views, and positively commented on all his posts. One day he realised that one Bikramjit Singh, whom he knew for 4 years, was accompanying Amritpal’s ‘surkhiya jatha’ (protection group) who had insulted the Guru Granth Sahib.

Varinder Singh further explained that on November 5, 2022, Amritpal Singh visited Singh Wala village in Moga and he wanted to meet him to convey that there were “wrong men” in his team. But he was not allowed to meet him. A few days later, he went live on the Facebook page of Gurdwara Kachi Garhi Sahib in Chamkaur Sahib exposing the “wrong men” around Amritpal Singh.

Aggrieved by the expose, ‘Waris Punjab De’ organisers kidnapped and thrashed Varinder about 4 months later when he was visiting the Ajnala Sikh seminary (Taksal) headed by Bhai Amreek Singh. On February 16, an FIR was registered against Amritpal Singh and 6 of his confidants besides 20 unidentified persons. Lovepreet Singh Toofan was arrested.

Indianarrative.com spoke to Bhai Amreek Singh who heads the Ajnala-based Sikh seminary. He confirmed that on February 15, 2023, when Varinder Singh returned to the seminary, he was badly injured due to the thrashing. He could hardly walk straight and was admitted to the hospital. The next day, he reported the matter to the police.

Interestingly, Amritpal Singh has been claiming that police registered a fake FIR merely based on a statement of a “mentally unstable person” without any corroborative evidence. It is noteworthy, Amritpal in all his interviews with the media does not deny the occurrence but stresses the absence of corroborative proof.

Itwas on February 23, that a frenzied mob carrying Guru Granth Sahib seized the Ajnala police station after a violent confrontation with the police. To defuse the tension, the police agreed to release Toofan.

However, denying media reports, a senior police officer supervising the law and order situation in Ajnala revealed that the FIR stands as it was and would not be cancelled. Further action would be taken after the Special Investigation Team, formed on February 23 submitted its report.

He said, “We acted with great restraint though six of our men, including a Superintendent of Police, were grievously injured as the mob used Guru Granth as a shield.” The officer added that the grave situation did warrant the use of “maximum force at our hand,” but we did not fire on the protesters.

Police sources say the visual and other evidence of Thursday’s violence is being analysed by forensic and intelligence teams. Action will be taken against all who get identified using swords, lathis and pelting stones at the policemen. It indicates yet another FIR will be registered against Amritpal and his men.

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