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Lockdown 3: No movement of people; public places out of bounds

Lockdown 3: No movement of people; public places out of bounds

The government has extended the lockdown for the second time by another two weeks, saying that the significant gains earned earlier from a nearly-five week lockdown cannot be lost.

The country has been demarcated into three colour-coded zones with relaxations for green and orange zones which have not seen coronavirus cases for 21 days. Red zones have been identified as those with significant risk of spread of infection.

Under the new guidelines, movement between 7 pm-7 am except for essential services has been banned. All travel – air, rail, metro and inter-state movement by road remains banned.

All religious places, educational institutions, cinema halls, shopping malls, entertainment parks, bars and auditoriums will continue to remain shut "irrespective of the zones."

The third phase of the lockdown also prohibits religious congregations across the country, along with social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, and cultural functions.

Though schools, colleges, educational and training institutions will remain closed, online and distance learning have been permitted.

All cinema halls, shopping malls, gymnasiums, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars and auditoriums, assembly halls, and similar places will continue to be closed.

Hospitality services other than those used for housing health, police, government officials, healthcare workers, stranded persons, tourists, and those used for quarantine facilities have also been prohibited..