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India’s progress inspires global south, draws world attention on the way forward, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India’s G20 presidency has given more voice and recognition to the Global South, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said as New Delhi gears up to host the mega summit next week. “They (the Global South countries) are gaining greater confidence to shape the direction of the world in the coming years on many issues such as climate change and global institutional reforms,” he told news agency PTI in an interview.

“Further, all this will happen with the cooperation of the developed countries, because today, they are acknowledging the potential of the Global South more than ever before and recognizing the aspirations of these countries as a force for the global good,” he said.

Underlining that a new world order is emerging in the post Covid phase, Modi added that a GDP-centric view of the world is now changing to a human-centric one.

India has proposed inclusion of Africa in the G20 frame to further give a push to the Global South.

The Prime Minister said that irrespective of the size of the GDP, every voice matters. He added that India’s Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ model has shown the way. The mantra will also be a guiding principle for the welfare of the world, Modi said.

India’s theme for the G20 Presidency –  Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam  — One Earth, One Family, One Future’ is not just a slogan but a comprehensive philosophy that is derived from the cultural ethos, the PM noted.

“Take the example of health. We believe in the vision of  One Earth, One Health’. This is manifesting itself in different ways. India’s ancient systems of Yoga and Ayurveda are helping the world bring a paradigm shift in the focus towards health and wellness,” he said, adding that during the Covid pandemic India’s approach was not that of isolation but of integration. “Despite our constraints, we assisted nearly 150 countries of the world with medicines and vaccines. Many of these countries were from the Global South,” he said.

“When we say we see the world as a family, we truly mean it. Every country’s voice matters, no matter the size, economy or region. In this, we are also inspired by the humane vision and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and Kwame Nkrumah,” Modi said.

By the time our G20 Presidency term ends, over 220 meetings would have happened across 60 cities in all 28 states and 8 union territories. Over 1 lakh participants from around 125 nationalities would have witnessed the skills of Indians, he said.

The PM noted that a decisive mandate that people gave post 2014 has helped in bringing stability in the nation.

Talking about the challenges of inflation the world across, Modi said under India’s G20 Presidency it has been recognized that timely and clear communication of policy stances by central banks is crucial. “This can ensure that policies taken by each country to combat inflation do not lead to negative repercussions in other countries,” he said.

India’s growth and achievement have caught the attention of the world, the PM said, adding that it has now been established that the country’s progress is not an accident but is happening as a result of a clear, action-oriented roadmap of “reform, perform, transform’.

“For a long time, India was perceived as a nation of over 1 billion hungry stomachs. But now, India is being seen as a nation of over 1 billion aspirational minds, more than 2 billion skilled hands, and hundreds of millions of young people. We are not only the most populous country in the world but also the nation with the largest youth population. So, perspectives about India have changed,” Modi said.

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