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Indian Navy saves drifting fishing vessel in nick of time

INS Airavat towing the fishing vessel

The Indian Navy’s ship INS Airavat has succeeded in rescuing a drifting fishing vessel in the rough sea near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and saving the lives of the seven crew on board.

According to a Defence Ministry statement, INS Airavat received a distress call from fishing vessel Saleth Matha II off Carnicobar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands at 2300 hrs on 30 July 21. The ship was transiting through the area whilst on her return leg from Jakarta in Indonesia after successful delivery of COVID 19 relief material as part of Ops Samudra Setu II.

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The ship immediately proceeded towards the fishing vessel at maximum speed to render assistance. The Port Blair based fishing boat which is of 20 metres in length and seven crew had been drifting off Carnicobar requesting for assistance on MMB channel 16 due to a major defect in its gear box since early morning on 29 July 21.

Gusting winds at more than 25 knots, swell up to 3.5 meters and intermittent rains because of active South West monsoon in the region made connecting up the towing arrangements an extremely difficult task. INS Airavat is presently towing the fishing vessel to the nearest harbour for further assistance.