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India, China begin withdrawal of troops from standoff positions

India, China begin withdrawal of troops from standoff positions

India and China have begun to pull back troops near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) along with guns and combat vehicles from three stand-off positions in eastern Ladakh.

The withdrawal began happening after senior military-level talks between India and China began on June 6. However, to fully resolve their issues, particularly the confrontation at Finger Four, the two militaries plan to talk again.

The meeting on June 6 lasted for around six hours. The Indian military delegation is headed by the commander of Leh-based 14 Corp Lieutenant General Harinder Singh and Chinese side is headed by Major General Liu Lin, Commander of South Xinjiang Military Region.

India raised the issue that since China had started deploying troops and big guns, it should begin the de-escalation. Once the Chinese side agreed, India too began withdrawing its forces.

Clashes had reportedly taken place between Indian and Chinese troops between May 5 and May 8 resulting in injuries to soldiers of both sides. As the Chinese brought in more troops along with big guns, the Indian Army too reciprocated in equal measure. Now both armies have thousands of soldiers along with heavy guns.

Experts say that the Chinese have objected to India building roads and constructing bridges on its territory near the LAC and therefore entered into Indian territory. Over the last few years, India has taken up infrastructure development along the borders in a bid to secure these. Now, India is capable of deploying its men and guns around the LAC in much less time as compared to a few years back..