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India among first responders to to help Turkey and Syria: PM Modi 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with human assistance and disaster relief personnel who were a part of Operation Dost (Photo: @narendramodi/Twitter)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday heaped praise on the rescue professionals of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the dog squad members saying that they showed amazing strength and India was one of the first responders when the recent deadly earthquake hit Turkey and Syria.

PM Modi was interacting with the Indian rescue professionals of NDRF and other organizations involved in ‘Operation Dost’ in Turkey. “Our dog squad members showed amazing strength. The country is proud of you. Our culture has taught us ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. We consider the whole world as one family.

When a member of the family is in trouble, it is India’s duty to help it. India was one of the first responders when the earthquake hit Turkey and Syria,” said PM Modi.

Lauding the quick response of the NDRF team during the earthquake he said that it is a reflection of the preparedness of the rescue and relief teams.

“India’s quick response during the earthquake has attracted the attention of the whole world. It is a reflection of the preparedness of our rescue and relief teams,” he said.

The Prime Minister further asserted that no matter which country, if it is about humanity, then India keeps human interest paramount.

“The whole world saw how you reached there immediately. It shows your preparedness and your training skills. The way our NDRF personnel have worked for 10 days is worth praising,” said PM Modi.

Highlighting the support provided to countries during the Covid surge he said that India is a true example of being self-sufficient and selfless.

“We have helped citizens of other nations during Covid. If an individual is able to help oneself, they can be called self-sufficient, but when an individual helps others, they are considered selfless. The same is true for nations. India is a true example of being self-sufficient and selfless,” said PM Modi.

He asserted that it is India that has helped several needy countries of the world.
“Necessary medicines and vaccines were delivered and that is why today there is goodwill for India in the world,” the PM said.

“Wherever we reach with our Tiranga, there is an assurance, since the Indian teams have arrived, the situation will get better,” he added.

Recalling the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat he said that he had then worked as a volunteer and seen the difficulties faced in rescuing people.

“We all have seen those pictures where a mother gives you a blessing by kissing on the forehead. When there was an earthquake in Gujarat in 2001, I worked as a volunteer, and I have seen the difficulties faced in rescuing people,” he said.

He further thanked the entire team for keeping the reputation of the country shining bright in such a difficult situation.

“Whatever you have done has brought glory to the country and if you institutionalise what you have learnt we can create a trust for the coming future,” he said.

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