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Hatred for Amit Shah fuels speculation of his ill health

Hatred for Amit Shah fuels speculation of his ill health

Like clockwork, every few months political rumor mills in the country have been fuelling stories that one of the most powerful men in the country, Home Minister Amit Shah, is unwell. It has been happening for some time. The rumors were so widespread that today he had to make a statement about his health. “I am totally healthy and I am not suffering from any disease,” the Home Minister tweeted in Hindi.

Amid a full-blown Covid-19 pandemic, the political corridors have been churning rumors that Shah has been suffering from a mysterious disease. This is not the first time that Shah's health has been the cause of speculation. It is believed that it is being deliberately driven by the Opposition-sponsored or supported groups on the social media.

Last year, the loss of weight by Shah set a whispering campaign in motion, wherein it was claimed that the then BJP president had been afflicted with a mysterious disease. Similar attempts are being made now to create a perception that he is missing in action, despite his presence at most official meetings.

Why the Opposition wants Amit Shah to be unwell? The latest attempt can be seen as nothing but inherent hatred of the left liberal cabal which has openly expressed its hatred towards the senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader.

Most view Shah as the most trusted and powerful minister in the Narendra Modi government. The Opposition also views him as Prime Minister Modi's pointsman and heir apparent.

The only time such hatred has been witnessed in the political discourse was in the case of Modi..