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Govt to allow private sector to use ISRO facilities

Govt to allow private sector to use ISRO facilities

Union Minister of State for Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh has said that the private sector will be allowed to use Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) facilities to improve their capacity.

Talking about India's achievements in space technology, Singh said that the government’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ roadmap towards a self-reliant nation plans to boost private sector participation in space activities. He said that private companies will be provided a level playing field in developing satellites, doing launches and other space-based services. Projects for planetary exploration including outer space travel too will be open for the private sector.

About India's first-ever human space mission ‘Gaganyaan,’ to be undertaken by ISRO, Singh said Indian astronauts are getting trained in Russia which got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Singh added that in the last one year ISRO launched a special programme for school children, ‘Young Scientists Programme – YUVIKA’, which aims at imparting basic knowledge on space technology to the younger generation.

Applauding the efforts of ISRO scientists, he said that they have been engaged in research to provide essential medical devices, protective kits and other equipment in times of coronavirus..