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Govt sets ball rolling for Vande Bharat Metro trains to replace Mumbai locals

Vande Bharat Metro To Soon Replace Mumbai Local

The Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) has initiated the tender process to procure 2,856 Vande Bharat Metro coaches to set the ball rolling for replacing the aging Mumbai locals in the city’s suburban rail network.

The state-of-the-art AC trains are to be manufactured by Indian Railways in collaboration with a foreign partner with the first set of these semi-high speed trains to start rolling out in 2025. The entire fleet of Mumbai locals is expected to be replaced with the new 16 coach trains by 2030.

The Vande Metro trains are expected to be capable of speeds up to 220 kmph but will operate at top speed of 160 kmph.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw had already announced the government’s plan to introduce the modern Vande Metro trains, following the success of the semi high-speed Vande Bharat trains on long-distance routes.

The Vande Bharat Metro trains are part of the Mumbai Urban Transport project 3 and 3A entailing investments of Rs 10,947 crore and Rs 33,690 crore respectively.

The Vande Metro trains will be equipped with a range of modern features to enhance passenger convenience and comfort. An automatic door-closing system will improve safety and efficiency during boarding and alighting. Fully-vestibuled coaches will provide a seamless and spacious travel experience for commuters. Infotainment systems featuring large digital display panels will offer real-time information, including dynamic route maps, clear indications of enroute stations and destinations, real-time clocks, and door opening sides.

Additionally, digital destination boards located on both sides of each train carriage, as well as at the front and rear, will ensure clear visibility of travel information for passengers.

Recognizing the diverse needs of commuters, the Vande Metro trains will also feature dedicated luggage compartments at both ends as well.