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Drunk man urinates on woman in business class of Air India flight & gets away

File photo of an Air India plane (Photo: IANS)

In a horrific incident on board an Air India flight from New York to Delhi, a drunk man urinated on a woman passenger in the business class of the plane and was allowed to get away without facing any action, according to a report in the Times of India.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has sought a report from the airline into the incident that came to light after the woman complained to Air India group chairman N Chandrasekaran.

On November 26, the drunk passenger allegedly unzipped his pants and urinated on a co-passenger in her 70s when the lights had been dimmed after a meal.

The woman complained to the crew and told them her clothes, shoes and bag were drenched in urine. She has alleged that the crew gave her a set of clothes and slippers and told her to return to her seat.

The woman has also alleged that she was not given another seat in the business class even though other seats in first class were lying vacant. She then completed the journey on a seat meant for the crew.

After the flight landed in Delhi, the uncouth passenger allegedly left without facing any action. The aggrieved woman then complained to Mr Chandrasekaran the next day.

Weeks after the incident which took place in November, Air India has filed a case and has recommended that the unruly flier be placed on the no-fly list.