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“Despite challenges, our scientists shown that Bharat can be the Space Ace”: Admiral Hari Kumar

Admiral R Hari Kumar (Photo: ANI)

The Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral R Hari Kumar said on Thursday that despite the countless challenges and denial of technology, our scientists have shown that Bharat can be the space ace.

Addressing the Indian Defspace Symposium 2024 here, Admiral Kumar said that our space sector is leading the charge at escape velocity,

“With Elon Musk’s impending visit and the government of India’s announcement of the 100 per cent FDI for components, systems, subsystems, and the 49 per cent FDI for launch vehicles and associated systems and subsystems, it isn’t now rocket science to realize that Bharat traverses the Amritkaal, our space sector is leading the charge at escape velocity. The space sector and scientists today represent the spirit of a resurgent Bharat. Despite the countless challenges and denial of technology, our scientists have shown that Bharat can be the space ace,” he said.

He also asserted that with the capability today to conceptualize, construct, commission, launch and sustain spaces, I think our country has demonstrated to the world that the sky is not the limit.

“We are one of the few countries to have created a complete space ecosystem. The Bharat space sector is rapidly evolving into one of the most dynamic and defining endeavours of the 20th century, offering increasing opportunities for growth investments which in space turn, probably may offer astronomical returns,” Hari Kumar said.

The Navy chief pointed out that the Indian Defense Space Symposium could not have happened at a more opportune moment, with missions to Mars, the moon and the sun successfully being accomplished.

“So despite countless challenges, resource constraints and denial of technology, our space scientists have shown to the world that we have the will wisdom and wherewithal to be the space ace,” Admiral Kumar said.

“Our ability to execute missions successfully or out of the box, technological solutions, and cost-effective approaches are graded a beeline for the very same entities that would not allow us to be part of the club. So how many countries have undertaken successful missions to Mars and the moon and at the same time, designed and constructed an indigenous aircraft carrier? It’s only for India, the US, Russia and China. It’s truly an allied view,” he added.

Admiral Hari Kumar further added that Bharat’s space program plays a critical role in national development as well as security.

“The establishment of the Defense Space Agency underscores the commitment of the armed forces to leverage space for national security as well, too by fostering collaboration and embracing emerging technologies. Together, we can unlock new frontiers of exploration, while ensuring the safety, security and prosperity of our great nation,” the Navy chief said.