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Delhi prepared to deal with 100 corona patients: Kejriwal

Delhi prepared to deal with 100 corona patients: Kejriwal

IN Bureau

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today that the national Capital is prepared to deal with up to 100 patients per day and are getting ready to handle 1,000 coronavirus positive cases daily in future, if need be.

Addressing a digital press conference, he said that from Friday, 325 Delhi government schools will be used to provide free food to the homeless and needy people. He also said that the government is now feeding nearly 20,000 people daily and starting Saturday will be feeding four lakh roadside, homeless poor people of India's capital.

A team of five doctors has also been set up to work out a plan to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus cases have gone up to 39 on Friday in Delhi, out of which 29 had come from outside and were kept in quarantine and 10 are cases of local transmission.

“Till yesterday, there were only 36 COVID-19 cases in Delhi. Today, three more have been confirmed. Out of these, 29 cases had a travel history and 10 are via local transmission. The situation is under control right now, since there is a maximum increase of three-four cases per day, and there were also days when no new cases were registered. But the situation of other nations, such as the USA and UK is deteriorating. If the same happens in India, are we ready for that?” said Kejriwal.

The CM added: "I had formed a team of five doctors and they submitted their first report yesterday, including a comprehensive plan of action on the preparations done in the wake of the surge in COVID-19 cases in Delhi. They differentiated the action plan into three stages, first is what can be done if we get 100 new cases every day, second is what can be done if we get 500 new cases every day, and third is what can be done if we get 1,000 new cases every day.”

The Delhi government also said that it is providing free ration to the people. Those who do not have ration cards are being fed meals by the government in 224 night shelters.

Many social and religious organizations have come forward to help the Delhi government, including ISKCON, Radha Soami, gurudwara organizations, etc.

“Hemant Soren, CM of Jharkhand, and Mamata Banerjee, CM of Bengal, had requested me to take care of people belonging to their states and residing in Delhi. I want to tell them that whosoever is living in Delhi is our responsibility,” Kejriwal said..