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Chinese transgressions must end, say people at LAC

Chinese transgressions must end, say people at LAC

As the situation unfolds, the dominant sentiment among the people living near the LAC in Ladakh is that China must not get away with its transgressions.

Durbuk Namgiyal, former Congress councillor from Village Durbuk, 121 kms from the Galwan valley, one of the last inhibited villages near the LAC, says the loss of jawans at the Galwan valley is irreparable.

He says there has to be an end to Chinese transgressions taking place year after year. He says some of the pastures at the LAC on the Indian side have now been taken over by the Chinese.

"It is really sad that we lost our jawans, it is a big loss for the country," he says. "China is very aggressive from last many years, they always grab our land, the porters are telling me that pasture for our horses have been taken by the Chinese, who are pitching tents there."

He said one of the biggest fallout of the tensions at the LAC is that the communication and telephone lines have been snapped.

He said the people of Ladakh are ready to take on the Chinese if they are given a go ahead.

"70 to 80 porters in my village are working in the Galwan valley-more than 1,000 labour working in BRO," he said. "China is encroaching our land, this is a big issue, one fine day they can come to my village as well, they can come to Shyok."

He said Ladakh Scout are the best mountain warriors and they are always ready to serve our country. "Whenever government decides, we are ready," he said and added that a clear example of Chinese transgression is its claim up to finger 8 on the Pangong lake which has always been an Indian territory.

"Up to finger 8 it is our land, there is no dispute about that, but now the Chinese are occupying upto finger 4," he said, "Locals don't go to that area, but they can see the Chinese lights there and tents pitched up by the Chinese."

He said people of border areas need facilities and better infrastructure. "We are dependent on solar lights on our side, but on the other side, the area is well lit up," he said..