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Watch: Pakistani intruder shot by BSF near Punjab border

Pakistani intruder shot dead on Punjab border (Photo: ANI)

The Border Security Force (BSF) shot dead an armed Pakistani intruder approaching the Indian border in Punjab’s Gurdaspur sector on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning, BSF troops observed suspicious movement on the Indo-Pakistan border near village Dariya Mansoor in Gurdaspur. The man kept moving despite being challenged after which the troops shot him dead in an act of self-defence.

In a statement, the BSF said: “Today at about 0830 hrs, BSF troops of BOP Channa of Gurdaspur Sector observed suspected movement of an armed Pak intruder ahead of B S Fence who was approaching B S Fence from Pak side. The suspected intruder was challenged and neutralised by BSF troops”.

A gun was found near the body after which the security forces began a search of the area.

The incident was reported a day after the BSF recovered a Pakistani drone with approximately one kg of heroin in the Gurdaspur sector.