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Bow String bridge to be built in Mumbai to link Coastal Road with Worli Sea Link

BMC Plans 'Bow-String' Bridge To Connect Coastal Road Project With Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Due to protests from the local fishing community, the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to construct a “Bow String” bridge to connect the 10.6 kilometres high-speed Mumbai Coastal Road Project (MCRP) with Bandra-Worli Sea Link, according to a report in the Indian Express.

To improve north-south connectivity in the city, the BMC is constructing a 10.6-kilometre MCRP, which will originate near Marine Drive and end at Bandra-Worli Sea Link( BWS).

As part of the original plan, the coastal road was supposed to be connected with the BWSL through an elevated arterial bridge that would be built on pillars. However, members from the local fishing community claimed that the gap between the pillars was not adequate and would pose a threat to their boats, especially during rough waves in the monsoon.

The fishermen wanted the gap between the pillars to be 200 metres, while the BMC’s recommendation was 60 metres. The fishermen protested and in January 2023, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde intervened to get the gap increased to 120 metres.

The BMC then revised the plan, removing one pillar to provide wider navigation space for the boats. As the distance between the existing pillars increased due to the removing of one pillar, BMC has decided to construct a “Bow-String” girder bridge.

The spans of the bridge will be held together through high-tension chords instead of having n pillars. The chords form an arch-shaped girder from the outside and hold the ends of the bridge tightly with the surface.

“The primary reason why we chose this option is that this bridge doesn’t require additional piling works and the removal of one of the existing pillars will not pose any threat to the structure. This bridge will be held by high-tension chords and these kinds of designs are suitable for smaller bridges built without any strong foundation,” The Indian Express report cited an official as saying.