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Baby born amid Cyclone Biparjoy fury in Gujarat’s Mandvi

Dr Dhruv, Gynecologist at Civil Hospital in Mandvi sharing news about the delivery of the baby (Pic. Courtesy ANI)

Mandvi:  Amid heavy rains and gusty winds caused by cyclone Biparjoy in coastal areas of Gujarat, a pregnant woman in a complicated condition was rescued and brought to a hospital in Mandvi and safely delivered a baby on Friday.

Doctors at the hospital said that the woman was rescued and brought to the healthcare facility in a complicated condition on Friday. It took two hours for the woman to reach the hospital which made her situation even more complicated, after which the doctor had to do the operation. Dr Dhruv, Gynecologist at Civil Hospital in Mandvi said that both the mother and the child are safe after the operation.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Dhruv said, “We received a call about a pregnant woman who had a very complicated case. She was 30-35 km away, and it took more than three hours for her to reach the hospital. They had to come here because they were not able to get a hospital with an anaesthesia facility, and that’s why the case became complicated. The delivery could have been done only by operation, but we were able to do a normal delivery instead. Both the mother and child are safe now.”

Doctors said that in the wake of cyclone ‘Biaprjoy’ many such patients are reaching the hospital and 44-45 such cases have come up in the last two days.

“There are many cases coming in the last 2-3 days. The situation is tense due to the weather condition. We are trying to perform normal delivery in all cases because we don’t have any other option. Anaesthesia is not available in every hospital, so that’s why several patients are coming here. But, by the time they reach, the baby is almost on the cusp, and we have to perform normal delivery,” Dr Divya, another doctor at the hospital, said.