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As Jitin Prasad backs Sachin Pilot, not everything seems good within Congress

At a time when the Congress is dealing with shockwaves in Rajasthan generated by Sachin Pilot's rebel leading to his dismissal from the party fold as well as Deputy Chief Minister post, the party may see troubles in the politically crucial state of Uttar Pradesh as well.

Jitin Prasada, considered as the face of the youth Congress in Uttar Pradesh, has lent his support and sympathies to Pilot — a development that could activate alarm buttons in the Congress.

He is seen openly supporting Sachin Pilot over the ongoing events in Rajasthan. He has also tweeted in Pilot's favor.

"Sachin Pilot is not just a person who works with me but also my friend. No one can deny that these days he has worked for the party with full dedication. I hope that this situation will soon improve, I am sad that such a situation has come," he tweeted.

Prasada's tweet has created quite a stir in the political circles of Uttar Pradesh and different meanings are being interpreted.

Just a few days ago, he thanked Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati on Twitter. This had happened after Priyanka had called Mayawati a spokesperson of the BJP.

The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister had said in a tweet that no particular community should be pointed over criminals like Vikas Dubey. On this statement, Jitin Prasada had thanked Mayawati.

Says senior political analyst Ratanamani Lal says: "Prasada gave the first reaction after Vikas Dubey's death in a police encounter when he created the 'Brahmin Consciousness Council'. This is a big message in itself.

"He is looking for some other role too apart from being in Congress. It is not a big deal if he presents himself as a Brahmin face in the future. He is looking for a bigger role than being a Congress leader. Though he was considered to be close to Rahul Gandhi, it was seen that Rahul is not standing behind them," Lal opines.

"He (Rahul) could not stop Jyotiraditya Scindia from going to the BJP. Sachin Pilot had to face humiliation as well. And Jitin Prasada is yet to get any new role… he wants that role so he has 'Brahmin Council'. Through this, he wants to represent the Brahmins. Also, his reaction to Sachin Pilot's rebel in Rajasthan shows that he is not happy with the kind of behavior he is receiving in Congress."

A Congress leader said on the condition of anonymity that Prasada is a "senior person and leader of Brahmins" but he has been sidelined after Priyanka Gandhi's arrival.

He is seeking a big role for himself in the state, but unable to get one.

Senior political analyst PN Dwivedi said: "Jitin Prasada has recently been working with Brahmin faces in Uttar Pradesh for the Congress party's organization. He is considered very close to Rahul Gandhi. But, for a while, he is marginalized in the Congress party. Though he has not yet raised any open opposition to it, some of his recent reactions have indicated his not being happy with the party.".