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Army busts multiple hideouts along LoC

<p class="p3">The Army said today that it busted multiple hideouts along the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir and recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition.</p>
The Army said that on August 30, it detected the movement of suspicious persons in Rampur Sector, Baramulla district.

"Movement was from a village close to the LoC and the suspects had crossed into Indian territory. Their movement was under constant surveillance.

"Due to adverse terrain, thick foliage, and bad weather conditions, the alert was sounded for a likely infiltration attempt. Surveillance Grid was beefed up across the area, ambushes were re-sited to thwart any such attempt. Surveillance continued through the night," it said.

The Army further said that the next morning, a search of the area was carried out.

"After an extensive search of seven hours, a huge cache of arms and ammunition were recovered from well-concealed locations in two hideouts in the Rampur sector."

The Army recovered five AK series rifles with six magazines and two sealed boxes of 1,254 rounds; six pistols with nine magazines and six rounds; 21 grenades; two UBGL grenades and two Kenwood radio sets..