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Another Delhi shocker: Woman kills husband and cuts body in 22 pieces with son’s help

Screengrab from the video

In another ghastly murder in Delhi, a woman has been arrested along with her son, for allegedly killing her husband and chopping the body into 22 pieces.

According to the Delhi Police Crime Branch, the accused woman Poonam killed her husband with the help of her son Deepak and chopped the body into 22 pieces that were stored in the fridge and gradually disposed of in several areas of the East Delhi neighbourhood.

The murder has come as a second shocker in the national capital with its horrifying similarity to the Shradha murder in which the body was cut into 35 pieces and tacked in the fridge for gradual disposal.

The woman told the police that she had murdered her husband as he was having an extramarital affair.

Police first found the body parts in Pandav Nagar in June and a case of murder was registered. The investigation, however, did not progress as the pieces of the body had decomposed.

When the Shraddha Walkar murder case was cracked earlier this month, it was also investigated whether the unidentified body parts were hers.

During their investigation, the crime branch then scanned the footage from CCTV cameras in the area where the body parts were found.

The horrifying footage shows Deepak walking with a bag in his hand late at night with his mother following close behind. Police said this was one of his trips to dispose of pieces of his father’s body. Police said they made several trips to gradually dump pieces of the body.

Further investigations revealed that one Anjan Das, a resident of east Delhi’s Pandav Nagar, had been missing for the last six months. They also found that the man’s family had not registered any complaint with the police.

According to police, the accused Poonam and Deepak killed Das in June. He was given an overdose of sleeping pills and murdered after he fell unconscious, police said.