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'Indian Muslims happiest in the world, no country treats minorities better'

'Indian Muslims happiest in the world, no country treats minorities better'

Indian Muslims are the happiest and the most content in the world, Mohan Bhagwat, head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), has said while asserting that there is no country in the world which treats all its minorities better than India.

In an interview to a Hindi magazine 'Vivek', Bhagwat said: "There is a history of war and enmity. Yet Muslims and Christians still survive in our country. They are not treated badly and enjoy all the rights here."

However, he pointed out that this was not the case in Pakistan where followers of other religions don't have equal rights, though India was divided on religious lines and Pakistan was carved out as a separate country for Muslims.

"Indians never told Muslims here to leave the country as they have another (Pakistan) created for them, or said they would be treated as secondary to the Hindus here. Our Constitution did not say that only Hindus can stay here; hereafter only Hindus will be heard here; if you want to stay here, then you have to accept the superiority of Hindus. We created a space for them," the RSS chief pointed out.

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He rued that only certain persons whose 'interests' get affected indulge in such bigotry or separatist tendencies.

But, when it comes to the country and its culture, all differences evaporate and people of all religions stand together to protect it, as was witnessed even during the times of Maharana Pratap and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, when Muslims stood by them and fought against the Muslim rulers or invaders, the RSS chief said.

When asked whether his views would be acceptable to the Muslims and Christians, he said it was the "truth", but it's a matter of choice for them (the minorities), but the important thing is "we are all one as the Indian nation".

"For this enlightenment must come from within, it cannot come from outside. This is the true nature of our country and it's called 'Hindu', though it has nothing to do with the deity we worship. Religion connects and unites the society for material and spiritual happiness of all the people," Bhagwat pointed out.

Responding to a query on the role of women in India's concept of a 'Vishwaguru Bharat', the RSS chief said that women will contribute equally to this, but the doors kept closed must now be opened for them with empowerment and awareness.

"Women are capable of any accomplishment. There is no shortage of their achievements, they need to be unshackled from family responsibilities. But don't make her a goddess and worship her or treat her like a slave," he cautioned.

He also called for the need to give women an "equal place" in society, make her financially independent with proper guidance and opportunities so that she can contribute and lessen the burden of the menfolk.

"Accordingly, 'equal participation' and 'equal preparation' should always be considered for women. That will leave men to devote their energies to other duties better. We are moving in that direction," said Bhagwat.

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