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Amid controversies over nepotism, Shekhar Ravjiani says Bollywood gives an opportunity to every artiste to fulfil her dreams

Amid controversies over nepotism, Shekhar Ravjiani says Bollywood gives an opportunity to every artiste to fulfil her dreams

Singer-composer Shekhar Ravjiani, of the music duo Vishal-Shekhar, says that Bollywood music has seen a great amount of new talent in the past decade, and finds it fulfilling that every artiste has made his or her dreams come true.

Ravjiani, who has just launched a music school with Global Indian International School (GIIS) to groom new talent, calls it a new exciting chapter of his life. The GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music is a pioneering collaboration between a global education institution and an Indian musician to launch a focused program to mentor upcoming talent in the field of music.

“Out of GIIS's 21 campuses around the world, students are being shortlisted for a need-based, curated, customised and personalised learning module via online sessions. The vision of this is to ensure that every budding artist reaches their full potential,” the music producer-composer said.

Shekhar has judged 15 music reality shows including 'SaReGaMaPa', 'Voice kids', 'Indian Idol', where he mentored over 300 students, many of who went on to become successful singers.

Asked if he finds the music industry conducive to new talent, he said, “Over the last decade, we've seen great amount of new talent who are part of the music industry, do really well for themselves. There's a lot of potential not just in Bollywood music, but in every genre of music, whether you speak about being a music producer, a record label, a part of the music business. It's excellent how every single artiste has made their dreams come true.”

Does he find everyone getting the same opportunity?

“The gates are open, the doors are open. There are new filmmakers, new scripts, new energy in the music fraternity. Non-film music is doing extremely well, lot of new kids in Bollywood music are doing phenomonally well. There's a lot of scope for new kids, new artists in these times. Two decades in this industry, I've seen the power of film and non-film music, how consume music, and I feel a kid's passion and love for music can take that kid to a high level of being a professional artist,” he shared.

GIIS and Shekhar are closely working together to create a world class curriculum for the music school which is currently accessible and will benefit over 15,000 students across 21 GIIS schools worldwide. In future, some workshops on music could also be available to non-GIIS students within the GIIS campuses worldwide.

“Music is not just an expression but a channel to spread joy and happiness in the world. I believe that learning is a continuous process and my thinking perfectly resonates with the vision and philosophy of GIIS, of providing holistic education and focusing on value-based learning beyond academics. I have already started working with students from Japan, Abu Dhabi, India, Malaysia and Singapore over these last few months. Mentoring and teaching young and budding talent is my way to give back and show gratitude to everyone who believed in me and my journey,” he said on the collaboration.

Finally, Shekhar answers if the lockdown period got him closer to his music.

“It absolutely did. This entire lockdown made me write some very beautiful songs, I've written some 40-50 songs. These last three months have been special as a time to explore. A lot of good things and bad things have happened around me, but music has been that positive force, which has pushed me.”

Shekhar has been in the field of music for over 20 years, and as a part of Vishal-Shekhar music duo, composed over 600 songs for over 70 movies including 'Ra One', 'Chennai Express', 'Ek Tha Tiger', 'War' and scores of others..