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Aftab’s new girlfriend in state of shock after Shraddha murder  

Shraddha Walker and Aftab Ameen Poonawalla (File Photo)

New Delhi: In another development in the Shraddha murder case, Aftab’s new girlfriend was in shock after hearing about the horrific act by him and said that she had no clue that human body parts were kept inside Aaftab’s Chhatarpur residence when she visited there twice after the murder. She also informed that Aaftab gifted her a ring.

As per her, Aftab had gifted a fancy artificial ring on October 12. As per sources, this ring belonged to Shraddha.

The police recovered the ring from Aaftab’s new partner and recorded her statement.

As per reports, Aaftab’s partner is a psychiatrist by profession.

As per a statement given to the police, this friend informed that she had come to Aftab’s flat twice in the month of October, but she had no inkling of Shraddha’s murder or about the presence of human body parts in the house. Aftab never looked scared, she said. She also informed that he often used to tell her about his Mumbai home.

Aaftab and his new girlfriend came in contact through an online dating app.

As per police, Aftab was in contact with about 15 to 20 girls through different dating sites.

During the course of the investigation, the police traced his Bumble app record and found out about a girl who had come in contact with Aftab through the app on May 30, about 12 days after Shraddha’s murder.

Aftab’s psychiatrist friend said that his behaviour seemed normal, even very caring and she said that she never felt that his mental state was not ideal. She also informed that Aftab had a collection of different varieties of deodorants and perfumes and he often used to give her perfumes as gifts.

As per her, Aaftab used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and also used to roll his cigarettes himself but often used to talk about giving up smoking soon.

She also claimed that Aftab was very fond of different types of food and often used to order non-vegetarian items from different restaurants at home and expressed his hobby about how the chefs decorate the food in the restaurant.

As per police sources, Aaftab’s new partner is undergoing counselling as she was found to be in a state of shock following the emergence of the details of the Shraddha murder case.