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69.3% trust the Modi-led Central government

<p id="content">More than two-thirds, or more accurately, 69.3 per cent of respondents, trust the Central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to the IANS CVoter Media Tracker.</p>
The survey covered the trustworthiness of institutions among other contemporary media consumption trends. As against 69.3 per cent at the all India level who trust the Modi-led government, 16.2 per cent were inclined towards distrust of the Central government, while 14.1 per cent said they are not sure or don't know.

The trustworthiness of the state governments stands at 67.7 per cent with 16.7 posing distrust. For the institution of a municipality, the trust factor was lower at 54 per cent with 16.5 distrusting it.

The number is even lower for panchayats as 50.4 per cent pose trust while 17.7 pose distrust in the institution. For the police, the trust factor is at 62.4 per cent while distrust is at 22.6 per cent.

For the banks, which have gone through a turbulent period, the trustworthiness is at encouraging levels at 76.5 per cent while the distrust is at only 6.2 per cent.

Among the news delivery platforms, the trust factor in newspapers is at a high of 82 per cent. On the other hand, 70.6 per cent of respondents reposed trust in news websites and news portals. For TV news, the trustworthiness is at 73.5 per cent.

Among the social media platforms, the trust factor for Facebook is only 41.8 per cent while distrust is at 29.8 per cent. For Twitter, it is even lower at 34.7 per cent while 17.1 per cent of respondents tend to distrust.

Instagram's trust level is at 31.7 per cent while distrust is at 21.1 per cent, indicating that the trust level for social media platforms is lower.

For WhatsApp, the trust level as per the survey is at 50 per cent while 23.8 per cent distrust it.

The survey had a sample size of of 5,000 plus respondents from across India covering all the districts in all the states, representing the demographic profile according to latest census figures.

The interviews were conducted in the last week of September and the first week of October. The margin of error is +/- 3 per cent at the national level and +/- 5 per cent at the regional level. The data is weighted to the known demographic profile..