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Two cases of Covid re-infection confirmed in Telangana

Two cases of Covid re-infection confirmed in Telangana

Two persons in Telangana have been re-infected with Covid-19, confirmed state health minister Eatala Rajender.

The minister said that two cases of re-infection were detected among 1.11 lakh cases registered in the state so far.

The minister stated that there is no guarantee that a person infected by Covid-19 will not be infected again. "There is a possibility that those producing fewer antibodies may get infected again. There is a need for everyone to remain alert," he said.

The minister's confirmation came hours after Director of Public Health Srinivas Rao denied that any person was re-infected by Covid-19 in the state. He had also said that chances of re-infection were remote. "Even in case of re-infection, the symptoms will be mild," he said.

The health minister hoped that the number of Covid cases in the state would decline next month. "The cases reach a peak and then start declining. We hope the numbers will come down in September," said Rajender.

The minister described mental strength, moral support from the community and oxygen as three ingredients required for Covid treatment. "We have made arrangements for sufficient supply of oxygen in Covid hospitals across the state," he said.

In the biggest single-day spike, Telangana today reported 3,018 new Covid-19 cases, taking the state's tally to 1,11,688. The death toll also rose to 780 with 10 more people succumbing to the virus during the last 24 hours.

The officials said with 0.7-0.8 mortality rate and 76-77 per cent recovery rate, the situation in Telangana was better than many other states..