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Scaremongering continues despite just 9,000 serious cases in India

Scaremongering continues despite just 9,000 serious cases in India

Amid a spike in the number of coronavirus cases in India, which the scaremongers are using to frighten us, only about 9,000 patients are in serious or critical condition. The number of active cases is about 84,000 as today, according to real-time data tracking website Worldometer. As many as 64,812 people infected by the novel coronavirus have recovered. India has reported 4,365 deaths until now.

However, the focus somehow has always been on the number of total cases, which stands at over 1.53 lakh. On May 19, India crossed the psychological 1 lakh mark. Few, however, have pointed out that the total figure included about 65,000 recovered cases.

“The good thing is that recovery rate is growing… going by data, about 50,000 cases were added in the last seven days, which means that they are still considered active. So this would very simply mean that most of the recovered people are the ones who had been infected earlier,” a senior general physician told IN.

The doctor said that most asymptomatic patients or those with mild symptoms can be treated at home.

Doctors have now advised patients with asymptomatic conditions or mild symptoms to stay in home isolation.

“When the virus hit us early March, we were unprepared and had little knowledge about the drill. There was paranoia but as we have progressed, our hospitals have been prepared to deal with this disease and psychologically and physically too, we are now prepared to deal with this, as the virus will stay for some time till a vaccine is developed,” the doctor added.

Sample this. A 71-year-old lady was found Covid-19 positive, while she sought some other treatment. While she was hospitalized in Mumbai, her family members were advised to be quarantined at home. Medical authorities informed the family that tests will be conducted only if they showed visible symptoms. However, their health condition, including regular temperature check, symptoms for cough, and cold, was being closely monitored by the government authorities.

India, which has been in lockdown since March 25, is gradually opening up and resuming economic activities.

“I am in home quarantine for 14 days, I have been asked to report immediately if I feel uncomfortable,” one of the members said.

Gopal Agarwal, BJP’s national spokesperson on economic affairs, said that life and economic activities will resume as the required healthcare infrastructure has now been spruced up to handle the situation. “We will now have to coexist with this virus but people are more aware now and in a better equipped to handle the situation,” he said..