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Protein-rich diet & vitamins are a must for those with post-Covid symptoms, says expert

Protein-rich diet and vitamins are a must for those with post-Covid symptoms, says expert

Clinical Nutritionist Isha Khosla who participated in a webinar organised by the Press Information Bureau on Tuesday said a protein rich diet and vitamin supplements were essential to recover from the prolonged period of post-COVID symptoms which can stretch into several weeks or months.

Post-COVID Nutrition Management:

Clinical Nutritionist Isha Khosla stated that 94% of people who died due to COVID-19 had succumbed because of co-morbidities, which has a common thread of inflammation.  Hence, our diet should be anti-inflammatory and we need to eat right, keep our body fit and keep our immune system intact, she suggested.

Ensure Sufficient Proteins in diet

Proteins should be present in our diet in a focused manner and, at least, in two meals, said Ms Khosla. Further, we should pair vegetables with proteins, which will lead to digestion of food in a balanced manner.

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Nutritional Supplements

The Clinical Nutritonist cautioned about the usage of nutritional supplements and advised to use it judiciously.  “Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, Vitamin B Complex have gained tremendous importance in these times. These should be taken judiciously and should not be overdone with”.  These supplements play an important role in the body's regeneration,” she advised. 

Protective food

These foods help in the defence mechanism of the body and contain phyto-nutrients and fibres, which are important for the body's recovery. Hence, protective food should also be taken adequately. There are live organisms found in our intestines which determine our health and recovery. If there has been any damage to those microbes, their food which is fibres should be provided to the body so as to make those microbes grow.

Phyto-nutrients which come in various colours and are also known as rainbow diet, contain information about which genes to make work, which far cells to activate and which are the ones to suppress. These play an even more important role than vitamins and minerals. "Hence, do consume colourful food and dedicate one meal to these protective food", advised Ishi Khosla  Protective food include anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory food, cold-pressed oils, turmeric, ginger, tea and so on.

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Hydration: The nutritionist also emphasised the importance of drinking enough water. Hydration levels should be well-maintained during the illness and also post-illness.

Mental health is also related to our gut which has such a profound effect on our body that scientists are now calling it "second brain". Hence, if our food is not good for body, it also disturbs our mood, apart from our immunity  In short, maintain a healthy diet, take food that is seasonal and organic, she added.