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OFB innovates on medical supplies to fight coronavirus

OFB innovates on medical supplies to fight coronavirus

The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), a public sector defence organisation, has manufactured two-bed tents with medical equipment for screening, isolation and quarantine. These cost-effective special tents can be used for medical emergencies, screening, hospital triage and quarantine purposes.

OBF's tents can be set up in any place and terrain. These will help health authorities in creating and augmenting additional facilities within a short period of time. These tents have been manufactured by the Ordnance Equipment Factory at Kanpur. Fifty such tents have already been sent to Arunachal Pradesh.

Using these special tents, an institution or the government can create medically supervised and run isolation wards. The tents with a floor area of 9.55 sq mt are made up of waterproof fabric, mild steel and aluminium alloy and can play an important role in the fight against COVID-19.

OFB units across the country are joining the fight against coronavirus and helping state governments reduce shortage of medical supplies. OFB at Nagpur has developed a fully portable fumigation chamber and installed it at the main entrance of their hospital.

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Besides these tents and the portable fumigation chamber, the other units of the OFB are supporting state governments by supplying sanitizers to the Uttarakhand government and the Nilgiris District Police authorities in Tamil Nadu. Even the High Explosives Factory, Pune, has despatched sanitizers locally.

OFB is also improvising on hand washing systems so that people do not catch infections while cleaning hands. A pedal-operated hand washing system fitted with soap dispenser was handed over to the Dehradun police while OFB at Pune distributed food kits amongst labourers at Dehugaon village.

The deadly coronavirus pandemic that started in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 has spread across the world. It has caused 6,565 infections and 239 deaths deaths in India while 239 people have recovered from the infection by Saturday afternoon.

Globally, 1,705,766 people have been infected, with 103,230 deaths and 378,444 recoveries. Some of the worst hit countries include Iran, Italy, Spain, USA and the UK..