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Novel Yoboshu Cares app nails mental health and healthy eating to sustain weight loss

Yoboshu Cares has devised an app to help people lose weight without exercising and dieting

A large number of people cutting across gender and age face the problem of being overweight and want to desperately cut the flab and become fit. Despite trying all methods including hiring personal trainers, enrolling in gyms, reading fitness and food magazines for exercise and diet, and wearing gadgets to track fitness.

Yet all this doesn’t last long as a large percentage of people – 80 per cent according to a research – are unable to keep their newly gained weight for 12 months and more than half of them regain what they lost in two years. Further strict dietary regimen frustrates people and they are unable to continue it.

The core issue is to tackle the behavioural challenges which go with the issue of weight loss. And Yoboshu Cares, a Chandigarh-based healthtech start-up does that.

Brainchild of Shivanshi Verma and Sandeep Kumar, Yoboshu is a behavioural healthcare app that offers to its users a proprietary weight loss and mental healthcare programme. It essentially teaches people to lose their weight without any diet or exercise.

While Verma is from IIT Ropar, Kumar has done his B.Tech in Aerospace from Anna University.

Talking to yourstory.com, Verma observed: “You cannot go on a diet forever but can implement simple skills and remain fit. These skills are backed by scientific studies and have proven to help people lose and manage weight. These aren't big steps but habits that are long-lasting.”

To tackle the issues of regaining lost weight and strict diet control, the two entrepreneurs put together a team of psychologists, behavioural therapists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, physicians and lifestyle coaches and designed a programme which was habit-building.

The app was launched in March this year.

Verma told yourstory.com: “Quick fixes don’t work. We needed to have a long-term solution for losing weight while keeping in mind the overall health of an individual.”