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No one can be forced to get vaccinated, rules Supreme Court

No one can be forced to get vaccinated, rules Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court on Monday made it clear that no individual can be forced to take any vaccination, but at the same time ruled that the government can impose some restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"Bodily integrity is protected under the law and nobody can be forced to be vaccinated," the Supreme Court said.

The Supreme Court said the condition imposed by some state governments in restricting access of unvaccinated people to public place is arbitrary and should be recalled in the present prevailing conditions.

"Till infection numbers are low we suggest that no restriction is imposed on individuals on access to public places, services and resources. Recall the same if already done," the Supreme Court directed.

The judges, however, also said that their directive did not extend to Covid-appropriate behaviour, but was limited to vaccines in the "rapidly evolving situation".

The Supreme Court also directed the Centre to publish reports on adverse events of vaccines from people and doctors on a publicly accessible system, without compromising data of the individuals reporting them.

"Regarding vaccine for children, it is not possible for us to second guess the opinion of experts and the vaccination indeed follows the global standards and practices. However, data of adverse reactions should be published at the earliest."

The Supreme Court bench comprising Judges LN Rao and BR Gavai was acting on a petition objecting to vaccines being made mandatory.