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“My Health, My Rights”, an initiative for medical students launched on World Health Day 2024

Representative Image (Image credit: Pexels)

On World Health Day 2024, the National Medical Commission (NMC) and the National Task Force on Mental Health and Well-being of Medical Students (NTF) launched the innovative initiative “My Health, My Rights.”

This pioneering effort, coordinated by the Anti-Ragging Committee of the National Medical Commission, aims to address healthcare challenges faced by medical students and professionals alike.

The demanding nature of the medical profession, characterised by rigorous training and long hours, often takes a toll on the physical, mental, and emotional health of healthcare providers.

Acknowledging this reality, the NMC is dedicated to establishing a comprehensive support system to ensure access to quality healthcare and prioritise the well-being of medical students and professionals.

Key components of the initiative include mental health support services, confidential counselling, therapy, and resources to address stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.

Under the theme “My Health, My Rights,” individuals are encouraged to take ownership of their health through activities such as exercise, nutrition, meditation, social engagement, and environmental stewardship.

The initiative also introduces holistic wellness programmes focusing on physical health, emotional resilience, and work-life balance, including yoga, mindfulness meditation, stress management workshops, and nutritional guidance.

Dr. BN Gangadhar, Chairman of the National Medical Commission, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, emphasising the importance of prioritising the health and well-being of medical students and professionals.

Dr. Aruna Vanikar, President of UGMEB, NMC, highlighted the need to destigmatize mental health issues within the medical community, fostering a culture of openness and support and underscored the importance of prioritising the well-being of healthcare providers and implementing mentorship programs to build resilience in medical students.

Dr. Vijay Oza, President of PGMEB, NMC, emphasized the rights of post-graduate medical students to comprehensive training, mentorship, and emotional resilience support.

While Head of Publication Division and Member of the EMRB, Dr. Yogender Malik, stressed the ethical foundation of healthcare systems worldwide, emphasising equitable access to healthcare services and promoting well-being for all.

As we commemorate World Health Day 2024, let us reaffirm our commitment to “My Health, My Rights,” ensuring that every individual in the medical field can thrive and fulfil their potential.