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Mumbai starts Covid vaccination for bed-ridden patients

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has started Covid vaccination for the bed-ridden patients

In view of the fact that the aged and bed-ridden will not be able to visit the Covid vaccination centre for the jab, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started home vaccination from today. This on a trial basis to check out how it works out.

The BMC also announced that this initiative will be started first in the K-east administrative ward of the body. This covers areas which come under the western suburbs of Andheri East, Marol, Chakala and others.

The BMC statement which was announced yesterday afternoon, the agency stated that those citizens who are unable to make it to the vaccination centre since they are bed-ridden due to various physical or medical reasons, will be vaccinated under this exercise from July 30.

These bed-ridden people will be given the jab of Covaxin doses. This decision was taken by the directives of the expert committee. Further, the process of vaccination will be done in the presence of experts thus ensuring that all precautions concerned for the patient are taken, the agency said.

BMC said there was a demand for a large number of people and families in Mumbai to start this programme of home vaccination for citizens who are bed-ridden due to various physical or medical reasons and are unable to visit the vaccination centres.

The agency also announced that a medical certificate for the person to be vaccinated has to be submitted which will categorically mention that the person will have to remain bed-ridden for at least the next six months. Besides this, consent from the beneficiary who is bed-ridden or a relative too is a must.

For the purpose of carrying this initiative out, the BMC is collaborating with Project Mumbai, who will assist and rendering necessary help to the authorities and health workers.

On completion of the K-east ward home vaccination of bed-ridden citizens, the BMC will carry out the required change in their initiative based on their experience.