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Madhya Pradesh farmer passes on life to five others as family donated vital organs after his death

Organs of Khumsingh Solanki, a Madhya Pradesh farmer being taken for transplant

Making his presence felt even after his sudden and sad demise, a Madhya Pradesh farmer has provided life to not one but more than five persons.

Khumsingh Solanki, a farmer of Pipliya Lahore village which falls under Madhya Pradesh’s Bagli tehsil, met with a road accident on November 28. He was admitted to the Bombay Hospital where the next day he was declared brain dead because of extensive injuries to his head.

Solanki’s wife Raikunwar Solanki and other members of his family consented to donate his organs and thus an alert was issued.

The heart was taken by a team of doctors among whom was Dr. Sandeep Singh from HN Reliance Hospital Mumbai and was transplanted to a five-year-old girl, suffering from extensive cardiomyopathy. Dr. Prem Anand and Dr. Unmil Shah from IMS Hospital, Hyderabad moved the donor’s lungs for transplanting it to a 38-year-old patient suffering from interstitial lung disease.

Solanki’s liver was transplanted to a male patient, 59 years old, suffering from liver silicosis at Choithram Hospital while kidneys were donated to a 33-year-old and 61-year-old patients in Shelby Hospital and Bombay Hospital, respectively,

That is not all as Solanki’s eyes and skin have been donated to MK Eye Bank and Choithram Hospital, respectively.

According to Dr Sanjay Dixit, the head of MGM Medical College and Secretary of Indore Organ Donation Society, attempts were made to retrieve the pancreas of the patient too but they didn’t find a recipient.

For transporting these vital organs four green corridors were created in Indore from Bombay Hospital to KIMS Hospital Hyderabad, HN Reliance Hospital Mumbai, Choithram Hospital and Shelby Hospital. The organs reached within minutes and the transplanting process was completed.

Indore city now has the distinction of being the only one in central India that has made a record of creating “green corridors” for the third time in two months, 42nd time overall.

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