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‘Kashmir Care” distributes Covid toolkits to help Corona patients in Srinagar

Srinagar-based NGO Kashmir Care distributed Covid-19 toolkits for the patients and caregivers (Pic: Courtesy in.news.yahoo.com)

Any help for the Covid-19 patients and their caregivers is welcome. Doing that is a Srinagar-based non-governmental organisation, Kashmir Care which decided to render assistance by way of providing Covid toolkits to those affected by the pandemic.

What makes the kit useful for not just the patients but also their caregivers is the items that it has. These include basic items that are required by Covid patients as well as their caretakers such as oximeters, sanitizers, PPE kits, digital thermometers, N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, etc.

The NGO is headed by Dr. Sameena. Sharing as to why the NGO decided to distribute the toolkits, she said: "Our basic aim is to educate the Covid-affected patients and their families on how important these equipment are for Covid-care. By handing over masks to the general public, we are trying to make them aware, and are also trying to break the chain of transmission".

Chipping in with her was Dr. Shahid, a member of Kashmir Care. He added: "These toolkits benefit all those Covid-positive who cannot afford to buy these necessities.”

Sameena also said that the NGO’s initiative will also help people whose family members have been infected with Covid-19. It will go a long way towards reducing the spread of the deadly viral infection, she said. "It will also help people to adhere to appropriate Covid-19 behaviour.”

Significantly to appreciate and display solidarity with the healthcare frontline workers, Kashmir Care provided these Covid-toolkits to doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff also.

Kashmir Care volunteers, according to Dr. Sameena, have been doing their best to help people in distress. They have connected paramedical staff with other NGOs who are providing nursing care for homebound Covid-19 and terminally ill patients.

Besides this, they have also provided oxygen concentrators to various other NGOs across Kashmir Valley.

Those who received the kit were grateful for the gestures and said it is definitely of great help.