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India surpasses USA in percentage of fully vaccinated population, ranks among world’s top 5 nations

India surpasses USA in percentage of fully vaccinated population.

India has surpassed the USA in terms of the percentage of its total adult population that has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. While India has given both doses of the vaccine to 65% of its adults, the USA has covered only 61.5% of its adult citizens, according to data compiled by the Union Health Ministry.

Spain has emerged as the leading country in the world having covered 81% of its population with both doses, followed by France with 73.2% while the UK has fully vaccinated 69.5% of its population.

India now figures in the list of top 5 countries in the percentage of its population that has been fully vaccinated. 

In case of the 1st dose coverage India has covered 90% of its eligible population, USA has covered only 73.2% of the population, UK has covered 75.9% of its population, France has covered 78.3% of its population, and Spain has covered 84.7% of its population, according to the Health Ministry data. 

“Further, over 11 states/UTs in India has already achieved 100% of 1st dose vaccination, while 3 States/UTs have already achieved 100% full vaccination against COVID-19. Many States/UTs are soon expected to achieve 100% vaccination very quickly,” the Health Ministry said.

A nationwide COVID-19 vaccination campaign Har Ghar Dastak campaign was implemented from 3rd Nov 2021 which includes mobilization, awareness, vaccination campaign through reaching out to all missed out and dropped out eligible beneficiaries through house-to-house visits. This has also resulted in an increase of 1st dose coverage by 11.6% since introduction of the campaign. While the 2nd dose coverage increased by 28.9% in the same period, the statement added. 

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