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In a first, saliva test kit for pregnancy launched in UK, Ireland

An image of a woman taking Salignostics' saliva-based pregnancy test. (Salignostics)

A novel product that enables women to know whether they are pregnant through a saliva test at home has been launched in the UK and Ireland markets.

UK news outlet Metro reported that Salistick is the first product in the world that can determine pregnancy with just a ‘spit test’. It will offer women an alternative to traditional urine-based pregnancy tests and has the convenience of being carried out “anytime anywhere.”

The product has been developed by Salignostics, a Jerusalem-based biotech company based on technology used to make COVID-19 testing kits, according to an earlier report in the Times of Israel.

All that the test requires is for a woman to place a foam-tipped stick from the kit in her mouth for a few moments which collects a sample of saliva. This is then transferred to a plastic tube, where a biochemical reaction takes place, according to the Metro.

The test is based on technology that detects Beta-hCG, a hormone specific to pregnancy that helps prepare the uterus for developing the embryo. Its creators claim that Salistick provides highly accurate early pregnancy detection. Results can be read within 5 to 15 minutes, the company claims.

According to media reports, Salignostics received certification for marketing its product in the European Union last year. It has also applied for FDA approval to sell the product in the US.

York-based company Abingdon Health has launched the novel product, Salistick , with Superdrug, a leading health and beauty retailer in the United Kingdom. Initially rolling out into 400 stores and online at Superdrug.com, according to a company statement.

In addition, Salistick will also launch through Abingdon’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel Abingdon Simply Test. Salistick is co-branded Abingdon Simply Test, with the Abingdon Simply Test range now including over 15 self-tests, the press statement added.