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Ghaziabad’s “Always With You” scheme and Prashasan Mitr to help Covid-hit families

Representational image: Ghaziabad Administration's scheme ‘Always With You’ will bring relief to a number of families who have lost earning members due to the ongoing raging Covid-19 pandemic (Pic: Courtesy theorganizingzone.com)

The Ghaziabad administration has launched a scheme that will bring relief to a number of families who have lost earning members due to the ongoing raging Covid-19 pandemic.

Christened as “Always With You” this scheme is to help the families impacted by the death of elders due to Covid-19.

In the last few weeks, the administration has come to know of several cases in which children had lost either or both parents, along with instances of death of a spouse. It was found that in such cases the surviving family members were unable to process bank paperwork due to lack of guidance.

Targeting such families, the scheme intends to help them with settling claims and other post-death administrative measures.

Talking to Express News Service, Ajay Shankar Pandey, Ghaziabad District Magistrate said: “We came to know of many cases in which children had lost both parents. Many families lost their prime earning member. Since there are several formalities that need to be taken care of in the event of someone’s death, the administration wants to lend a helping hand; especially to those families which do not have adults to help them. We will be appointing an officer that will approach such families.”

Many officials disclosed that several dependants have been seeking help for LIC claims, death certificates, among other formalities. Also several relatives and family members due to the ongoing lockdown to restrict the spread of Coronavirus, could not travel to help with these processes, said officials.

To facilitate using this scheme, the administration has launched the email ID alwayswithyoudmghaziabad@gmail.com, where such families can put in their requests for assistance. On verification of the details, a liaison officer will be appointed, who will coordinate between family members and concerned Government departments.

Pandey, describing the scheme as unique, remarked: “The intention is to help families get back on track. The effort is to lessen their struggle and trauma.”

The coordinating officer will be called Prashasan Mitr and will be tasked with helping the families with concerned paperwork, and will also help families engaged in private businesses get assistance from the Government. To provide assistance to these families further, the DM has asked officers to call families impacted by Covid routinely to enquire about the help they need from government offices.