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Explainer : All you need to know about your vaccination certificate

The Vaccination Certificate issued after taking the dose

The government has issued an advisory, stating that the certificate for vaccination is issued on the first day itself to those who take the shot. The advisory also explains the process involved and how to keep track of one’s vaccination certificate.   

*The Co-WIN platform facilitates registration in both online and on-site modes, scheduling of appointments, vaccination & certification of beneficiary during COVID-19 vaccination process.

*Even though the beneficiary is registered online or on-site in Co-WIN, the most important step after vaccination of beneficiary is to update the status of vaccination in Co-WIN on the day of vaccination itself in the vaccinator module. If it is not possible to update the status of vaccination on the same day of dose administration, the data entry of that session can be done on the next day till 5 PM in the Co-WIN portal. Thus, there is extended scope for data entry of vaccination on the next day also. This utility is provided to obviate the need for backlog data entry of vaccination.

*The web link for COVID-19 vaccination certificate is available in the Text SMS sent to the beneficiary after the vaccination status has been updated in Co-WIN.

*Govt of India has also issued an advisory from time to time that Vaccination Certificates to be issued to all vaccinated beneficiaries on the same day of vaccination before they would exit the vaccination centre.

*COVID-19 vaccination certificate can also be downloaded from Co-WIN Portal, or Arogya Setu/Umang Mobile Application. It can be downloaded after each dose (Provisional Certificate after first dose and Final Certificate after second dose).

*It may be possible that the beneficiary’s vaccination status has not been updated by the vaccinator at the time of vaccination, this may lead to a person not getting a vaccination certificate from the CoWIN system. To eliminate this issue, The CoWIN system will soon provide features to remove such errors.

*However, citizens are also advised to check if they received the confirmation SMS post administration of a vaccine dose. Receipt of confirmation SMS denotes that the status has been updated by the vaccinator. The citizens are also advised to check the certificate through the link provided in the confirmation SMS or by logging in to the CoWIN portal. In case any errors are noticed in the certificate, the same should immediately be brought to the attention of the vaccinator, who can then rectify the error.