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Covid case count falling sharply in India

India reports sharp fall in coronavirus cases (IANS)

India reported 13,203 new Covid-19 cases, 13,298 discharges and 131 deaths in the last 24 hours, reflecting a slowing down in the pandemic, according to health ministry figures released on Monday.

Out of these over 6,000 cases were reported from Kerala, the only state to register a surge in coronavirus cases. This was the sixth consecutive day in which the state registered more than 6,000 cases. Maharashtra with 2,725 new cases during the day recorded the second highest count in the country.


The number of fresh weekly cases in the country are now below the one-lakh mark, which is the lowest in the last seven months. The number of weekly coronavirus cases had soared to a peak of 6,45,014 in September 6-13 after which there has been a continuous decline. The current weekly count works out to 15% of the peak in September.

The festive week during Diwali had seen a reversal of the decline in Covid cases, especially in Delhi, but the overall count was below the September peak.