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Bengaluru hospital creates Guinness World Record for performing ECGs

To create awareness about heart and health issues connected to it, Bengaluru's Narayana Health did hundreds of ECGs

With a view to catch people’s attention and make them aware about an important health issue concerning the heart, the Bengaluru-based Narayana Health created a Guinness World Record.

The well-known hospital performed 3,797 electrocardiograms or ECGs within 24 hours and thus became part of the GWR.

Talking about this feat, Dr. Devi Shetty, Founder and Chairman of Narayana Health said: “Our attempt was made with the sole objective of creating awareness about health screening and the importance of regular check-ups to prevent heart diseases. It showcases the skill and dedication of our team, and we are proud to have set a new standard in cardiac care.”

This initiative to perform ECGs was done as a run-up to the World Heart Day which is observed throughout the planet on September 29 and its objective was to educate people about the rising burden of cardiovascular diseases in India. For this purpose, the hospital organised a camp within its premises to perform free ECGs for people aged 18 and above.

What is indeed remarkable about this feat is that no hospital had attempted such a record previously within a single facility.

ECG is the basic tool and simple method to study the health of a person’s heart and this is done by recording its electrical activity which enables the doctors to investigate further and start treatment accordingly. According to Dr. Praveen Sadarmin, Consultant, Adult Cardiology, Narayana Health City: “India is already called the diabetes capital of the world, and is also likely to be the capital for cardiovascular diseases as well.”

As per doctors, apart from substance abuse, and poor sedentary lifestyle, stress is a major reason for heart diseases, especially among the younger generation. To avert any major mishap, people in the age group 30-40 are advised to do an annual ECG to monitor for heart blockages and other cardiac issues.