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Banana peels that are thrown away are actually good for health 

The much ignored banana peels have several health benefits

While the banana fruit is much loved for its taste and nutrition, its peel is often scorned for making a mess on the roads or used in films to create a comic situation. Yet, there is more to it than meets the eye.

There are more than one benefits of the peel according to experts.

  • It helps in losing weight. As an excellent source of fibre, it is advised to be added in the diet of those wanting to lose weight as it keeps one full for a longer period of time while helping in averting bloating and acidity.
  • The peels have Vitamins B6 and C and minerals like manganese, potassium and magnesium. The potassium helps in regulating high-blood pressure levels.
  • Pimples and acne which trouble many can be taken care of by banana peels. By directly applying it to the skin can improve acne while also helping in tackling wrinkles, itching, blemishes, rashes and dark spots.
  • Found in abundance, the antioxidants in the peels help the body to fight off damage from free radicals while reversing the ageing process. Vitamin C in it also provides a boost to the immune system.
  • The peels being anti-inflammatory and antiseptic help in relieving pain when applied to the affected areas.