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Asia’s first brain bypass surgery done on Dutch twins in Chennai

The team of doctors from Chennai's Apollo Proton Cancer Centre who performed Asia's brain bypass surgery on twins

It was a remarkable achievement on the part of the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai as doctors there successfully performed a brain bypass surgery on a pair of twins — eight-year-old children from the Netherlands. The Centre claimed this surgery to be the first in Asia.

The twins were affected by Moyamoya disease which is a rare blood vessel (vascular) disorder. In this the skull’s carotid artery is narrowed or blocked thereby reducing the flow of blood to the brain. According to the APCC Press release this condition is relatively uncommon and even rare in identical twins.

The statement added that this “is the first such case to be witnessed in Asia. The condition was diagnosed in eight-year-old twin girls. Over the years, one of them developed vague symptoms like jerky movements in the right hand and leg.”

The neuro-sciences team which did the five-hour-long operation was led by Dr. Roopesh Kumar who is a APCC senior consultant, and neurosurgeon.

The doctors offered the surgical intervention as there is hardly any medicine for this condition. In this surgery the doctors via a brain bypass surgery diverted the supply of blood from the skin of the head into the brain through a window created in the skull bone. In effect the release “would facilitate uninterrupted blood flow to the brain without the risk of developing strokes”.

The patients have recovered well and consecutive scans have shown improved blood circulation on the left side of the brain, the release said.