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Andhra Pradesh’s brain dead man gives new lease of life to 8 patients

Representational image. A green corridor in Guntur ensured the swift transportation of organs donated by a brain dead man to eight patients

In Andhra Pradesh, a brain dead person’s organs have come to provide a new lease of life for eight patients. M. Koteswara Rao who was 28-years-old, and lived in Gollapalem village while returning from a wedding in East Godavari district on his two-wheeler was hit by a car. He fell off the vehicle and sustained severe injuries.

Rao was admitted to Vijayawada's Andhra Hospitals for treatment where the doctors found that he had suffered damage to his brain because of blood supply interruption. He subsequently went into a coma and was later moved to NRI General Hospital in Mangalagiri. It was here that Rao was declared as brain dead and his family took the decision to donate his organs despite suffering the tragedy.

Talking to the media, Sukumar, Rao’s brother said: “We lost our father a while ago and we understand the pain of losing a member in the family. We hence wanted to see our brother in others by donating his organs.”

Rao’s eyes have been donated to patients at Aggarwal Eye Hospital while one of his kidneys has been sent to Guntur’s Ramesh Hospitals. The heart of the dead person has been sent to MGM Hospital, lungs to Chennai’s Apollo Hospital and liver to Kamakshi Hospital.

The police officials and staff ensured that the organs were quickly transported to the respective destinations and arranged a green channel from Guntur to Gannavaram airport to safely transport his organs.

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