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Watch: PM Modi unveils secret of good governance at 4th post budget webinar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a post budget webinar

Underlining the need for good governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that political will is key for development of every segment of the society.

Addressing the fourth post Budget webinar today on “reaching the last mile”, the Prime Minister said that constant monitoring for the desired goals is essential.

“This is important from the point of view of implementation and time-bound delivery. This also ensures proper utilization of every penny of taxpayers money,” he said.

Citing the example of new approaches undertaken for immunization and vaccine coverage as part of Mission Indradhanush and Corona pandemic, Modi said reaching the last mile is only possible with good governance.

““The day we decide that every basic facility will be provided to every citizen in every area, then we will see what a big change will come in the work culture at the local level. This is the spirit behind the policy of saturation. When our aim is to reach everyone, then there will be no scope for discrimination and corruption. And only then, we will also be able to complete the goal of reaching the last mile,” he said, adding that for the first time a special mission is being launched for the most deprived among the tribal communities including the Pasmanda Muslims.

Earlier the Prime Minister at the BJP’s national executive meeting asked his party members to reach out to every community including the Pasmanda Muslims, Bohras, and even the educated and professional Muslims irrespective of whether they voted for the party or not.

“We have to rapidly provide facilities to our tribal friends in more than 22 thousand villages in more than 200 districts of the country,” he said.

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