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MNCs and their India strategy: What’s in store?

India's growth story

A recent paper published in the Harvard Business Review, flags India’s growing importance as a consumer economy. In this backdrop, the paper co-authored by three professors asks a very blunt question: Do MNCs have an India strategy?

This is a very interesting pivot. From merely waxing eloquent about the India opportunity, these professors are goading MNCs to walk the talk.

Citing examples like Unilever and Nestle, the paper argues that the Indian subsidiaries of these MNCs are outperforming the parent company. The prevailing gloom and doom about most western economies only amplifies India’s potential as the next big bet for MNCs. An India Shining moment for these MNCs as it were.

To explore this hypothesis, we spoke to one of the co-authors. Anup Srivastava, is professor at the University of Calgary.

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