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India’s focus is on economy as Covid has been curbed, PM tells global CEOs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at WEF

After successfully managing the Covid 19 crisis, India will now shift its focus on boosting the economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday while addressing the World Economic Forum's Davos Dialogue via a video conference.
PM Modi said while India will give a push to the Atmanirbhar Bharat programme, it will play a critical role in strengthening the global supply chain. "I want to assure the business world that the situation will now change rapidly on the economic front also," he told the global CEOs.
"Our Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is committed towards global good and global supply chain. India has the capacity, capability and reliability to strengthen the global supply chain,” he pointed out.
PM Modi assured that as India strives to succeed, it will help the world at every step. "By sending coronavirus vaccines to other countries, India is helping to save lives worldwide. Right now, there are just two Made-in-India vaccines. In the coming days, there will be more," he said.
Modi outlined the Industry 4.0 strategy which involves connectivity, automation, artificial intelligence and real time data. However, he pointed out that the Coronavirus crisis has showcased the importance of human lives and Industry 4.0 strategy will not be about robots but humanity.
“The Atmanirbhar campaign will receive support from Industry 4.0. In the last six years, India's digital drive has become a subject of interest even for WEF experts,” he added.
Modi pointed out that India has been among the few nations that managed to save the most lives during the pandemic.
The Prime Minister also said that structural reforms have been brought in amid the coronavirus pandemic to ensure India’s success story and improve parameters of ease of doing business. “The coronavirus crisis has reminded us of the importance of humanity. Industry 4.0 is not about robots but about people,” he said, adding that 1.3 billion Indians will now be given a unique health ID.
The Prime Minister said while India faced many challenges as the pandemic broke out, it did not let negativity take over. Modi noted that some have even estimated that about 2 million people would die in the country due to the pandemic.  But India, home to 18 per cent of the world’s population, was able to address the situation with Covid specific health infrastructure development along with extensive testing and tracking, he explained.
He said that while vaccinating the citizens, India also supplied the vaccines to other countries across the globe to help them fight the dreaded virus.
“In tough global times, India has fulfilled its global responsibilities,” he said.
Modi said that in the next phase of the inoculation drive, 300 million seniors and people with comorbidities will get the jab.
The Prime Minister also said that amid the Coronavirus pandemic, India showcased the benefits of Ayurveda.