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India's Techbooze ready to facilitate $950bn investment fund

India's Techbooze ready to facilitate $950bn investment fund

<p id="content">Leading service-based enterprise Techbooze Consultancy Services today announced the availability of liquid fund worth $950 billion from its pool of over 421 global investors, backed by the likes of Space Capital, the capital fund behind SpaceX, among others.</p>
The current funding will be infusing new life to the startup ecosystem, said Techbooze.

Enterprises and publicly-listed entities have multiple channels to raise capital but early-stage start-ups are either bootstrapped or dependent on investors or venture capitalists.

Lack of investor support can hamper their growth and some exceptional business models succumbed due to lack of funds.

"Today due to the pandemic, this crisis has thwarted the growth of businesses and start-up ecosystem in particular," Subhashis Kar, Founder &amp; CEO, Techbooze, said in a statement.

"We are on a constant lookout for innovative business models and support them in any way possible. And with the fresh funding, we'll be able to invest and promote the start-ups."

Techbooze offers support for startup funding — right from deciphering the current stage of a venture, seed round or angel, to helping with investment plans, pitch decks, and go-to-market strategy for early-stage ventures.

Techbooze said it will be strengthening the Investors' Forum, a consortium of well-positioned global investors looking to invest in the global business ecosystem – subject to investors' intent and regulatory approvals.

The funding amount varies from $100,000 to $1 billion for a single entity, based on the stage of its business operations.

Besides this, in real estate ventures, Techbooze enables the development of DPRs (Detailed Project Reports) and architecture plans for construction projects.

More recently, Techbooze facilitated capital raise for Rs 1,000 crore real estate project in Kolkata, and two other real estate deals in Mumbai and Delhi respectively for an undisclosed amount.

The incubator has also participated in the DPRs for hospital construction in Bokaro district, Jharkhand, overseen by YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) in collaboration with Mehta Arya &amp; Associates, Vadodara, along with two other projects in Kolkata with a cumulative project cost of Rs 7,000 crore.

Techbooze today stands at over $1.56 billion valuations..