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India rakes in $67.54 billion foreign investment during April-Dec, up 22%

India's foreign investment inflow up by $67.54 billion from April to December 2020 (IANS)

India has attracted a total foreign investment inflow of $67.54 billion during April to December 2020. It is the highest ever for the first ninth months of a financial year which represents a 22% increase over the corresponding figure of $55.14 billion in the first ninth months of 2019-20, according to official data released on Thursday.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) equity inflow into India went up by 40% during these 9 months (April-Dec) touched the $51.47 billion mark up from $36.77 billion in the same period of the previous year.

FDI inflow increased by 37% in Oct-Dec quarter of 2020-21 to US$ 26.16 billion compared to $19.09 billion in the same quarter of 2019-20.

 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a major driver of economic growth and an important source of non-debt finance for the economic development of India. It has been the endeavor of the Government to put in place an enabling and investor friendly FDI policy, the commerce ministry statement said.

Measures taken by the Government on FDI policy reforms, investment facilitation and ease of doing business have resulted in increased FDI inflows into the country. The rising trend in India’s FDI are an
endorsement of the country’s status as a preferred investment destination amongst global investors, the statement explained.

The intent all this while has been to make the FDI policy more investor friendly and remove the policy bottlenecks that have been hindering the investment inflows into the country. The steps taken in this direction during the last six and a half years have borne fruit, as is evident from the ever-increasing volumes of FDI inflows being received into the country. Continuing on the path of FDI
liberalization and simplification, The government has carried out FDI reforms across various sectors, the statement added.