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Flowbook adapts inclusive approach on e-learning to broaden offering

Flowbook adapts inclusive approach on e-learning to broaden offering

Flowbook, the flagship product of Back to Basics Learning (India) Pvt. Ltd, has adapted an inclusive approach to teach students through television sets as e-learning has been an issue with a huge population for not having computers, laptops or smartphones.

However, television with a wide penetration across urban and rural landscapes is available at the majority of houses and Flowbook plans to reach to the remotest of the areas across the country.

In order to address the huge gap between making students learn a few topics versus providing them education while shaping their personality, the company has launched "Flowbook Student Companion Program", which is a monthly subscription based education application for Classes 6 to 10.

With a USP of using television sets as a mode of studying, the company also offers the curriculum on smartphones and laptops. The educational-app currently has more than 10,000 registered students and more than 85 schools using the product.

Commenting on the unique concept of e-learning, Arjun Reddy Founder & CEO said: "Flowbook has been designed keeping in mind that it is important to treat every student differently based on his or her capabilities by connecting them with a personal mentor. Our content library is the largest in India for students of Classes 6-10 and every chapter in the curriculum has been broken down into multiple sub-topics through which each and every little concept is addressed in detail. Unlike other products, all our videos are short in length with an average of 2 to 3 minutes keeping in mind the attention span of students."

Students can use the videos to visualize all their topics and access expert-written answers for their questions that help them strengthen their understanding of a particular subject. Flowbook allows students to ask any doubts in the community feature of the app which will be answered by experts. The app can be downloaded only on android OS gadgets..