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Drunk passenger on Air India’s Delhi-London flight beats up flight attendant

Photo for representation

A drunk passenger aboard an Air India flight from Delhi to London beat up a male cabin crew member, leaving him with a bloodied ear and head injury.

The inebriated passenger was travelling with a group of friends and he was pouring liquor from his own bottle that he had managed to get on board. This is prohibited due to flight safety and security reasons.

On being questioned by the flight attendant, the drunk passenger flew into a rage and pinned him down in the aisle. The passenger then started kicking the flight attendant who started bleeding from the ears.

The passenger and his friends also did not put on their masks after boarding the flight despite repeated reminders by the crew.

An Air India spokesperson confirmed the incident. “After the flight landed, the passenger in question was arrested by the London police,” the spokesperson said.

The cabin crew member, in his early thirties, was taken to a hospital in London for treatment and was subsequently discharged.

The incident is reported to have taken place on July 7.