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Diesel prices down for 3rd straight day

<p id="content">Diesel prices continued to dip for the third straight day today on the back of subdued crude oil prices globally.

In the national capital, diesel was priced at Rs 70.80 per litre, 14 paise down from Rs 70.94 a litre on Saturday.

Similarly, its price fell in the other metros as well. In Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, the fuel was sold at Rs 77.22, Rs 76.27 and Rs 74.32 respectively on Sunday, compared to the previous levels of Rs Rs 77.36, Rs 76.40 and Rs 74.46 per litre.

Oil marketing companies, however, kept petrol prices unchanged for the fifth consecutive day. In Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, petrol was priced at Rs 81.06, Rs 87.74, Rs 84.14 and Rs 82.59 per litre respectively.

The recent fuel price fall is on the back of expectation of slowing demand for oil globally as a second wave of coronavirus spike threatens further derailment of economic activity.

Brent crude price is also subdued around $42 a barrel.

For domestic auto fuel consumers, the price fall has been a bonanza amid the current tough economic conditions. With the price cut on Sunday, diesel has now become cheaper by Rs 2.76 per litre in Delhi this month.